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My 30th Birthday Goals

So as I was driving home from work today I had this moment of revelation/panic/depression when I realized I'd be turning 30 on my next birthday. (Which is May 6) I started thinking about all sorts of things, but I ended up thinking about how much weight I've gained over the last decade. (Oh God, I can think of my life in terms of decades now... D:) Anyway, my goal is to weigh as much on my 30th birthday as I weighed on my 20th. So after doing the math that comes out to me needing to lose about 2 pounds a week between now and then. Which actually is a pretty reasonable goal when I think about it.

So here is the quick rundown of my weight loss strategy. First of all I'm starting with a gallbladder cleanse. What is a gallbladder cleanse you might ask. Well, first let me tell you that I'm generally not one to go for all these so called "natural remedies" people come up with, but I've known several people who have done this and they seem to have had really good success so I guess I'll give it a try. (I even know a women who saved the gallstones she passed and took them to her doc to verify that they were, in fact, gallstones... which they were...)

Well, anyway, my gallbladder has been giving me issues for a few months now. And it's looking like removal might have to happen (My Mom has had hers removed) So I figure I can give this cleanse a go. If it works, then Yay! If not, then I guess I'm just back where I started. But the benefit either way is that this cleanse will clean out ALL of my digestive tract, so that seems like a good kickstart to dieting...

And so as for what the cleanse actually is... it involves drinking a ton of water with some epsom salt mixed in to get the bowels moving, following by (what I'm imaging to be) an incredibly disgusting concoction of olive oil mixed with lemon juice. Bleh! Then I guess the rest of it is basically spending the next 24 hours somewhere near a toilet at all times...

Step 2 of my weight loss plan is gonna be following the Blood Type Diet. This is another thing that seems really hokey to me, but for whatever reason it seems to work. I did it once in the past and I dropped weight really fast. For my blood type I'm supposed to avoid eating wheat, corn and dairy, and focus mostly on eating meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Which is healthy anyway. But the thing I liked about it when I did it before was that you didn't really have to count anything, you just eat what's on the "eat" list and don't eat what's on the "don't eat" list.

Step 3 is to actually exercise. My hubby and I just joined a gym. It's really small, since we live in a really small town, but it's like half a mile away, whereas the next closest gym is like 20 miles away and I know we would never go there, even if it is way nicer. Also just trying to be more active in general, such as walking places rather than driving whenever I have the chance. I used to live in a city in my younger 20's and I walked EVERYWHERE, which was a big part of what helped me stay in shape.

Overall though, this is not just about getting skinner, though I would definitely like to be skinnier. It's also about my overall health. I've noticed over the last couple of years I've had alot more health problems than in the past. Allergies, heartburn, indigestion, headaches and just general fatigue/lack of energy. So I'm hoping this plan will help get me back on track health-wise, so I can have more energy and ambition to accomplish things.

Also, I was just cleaning out some old stuff and came across some clothes from before I was married and I was like "Damn I WISH I could still fit in these..." So I'm gonna pick out some of the cutest outfits I used to wear back when I was dating (Including a skirt I bought in Ireland that I LOVE), and it's gonna be my goal to fit into them by my birthday, so hopefully that will be some motivation too.

Anyway, that was a lot of ranting, wish me luck everyone! :D