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Every Possible CP 'ship!

Today I would like to address the topic of Captain Planet based pairings. Or the lack thereof, really. For a while I used to think "Oh there can't really be that many pairings for a show like this." But then I realized I wasn't being nearly creative enough. I realized this after I became a fan of Avatar the Last Airbender. There are people who ship ANY POSSIBLE PAIRING on that show. I really do mean any. Take any 2 characters at random from that show and I guarantee you there is at least one dA group dedicated to that 'ship. And pesky things like age, race, gender, nationality or even genetic relation to the other person play absolutely NO role in deciding whether or not those two people can hook up or not.

So keeping that train of thought in mind I would like to present to you every possible Captain Planet 'ship I can think of that seems even remotely feasible. Just a warning, if you are easily offended by suggestions of anything other than your person OTP don't read on. In fact, if you're easily offended in general you might not wanna read on. :P If you have a sense of humor though, and aren't too easily alarmed then please read on and tell me what you think...

(Okay seriously though this is all just for fun, please don't get offended anyone)

Be warned that behind the cut is alot of pics, alot of ridiculousness, and probably PG-13 rated. Have fun!

CP Shipping Illustrated GuideCollapse )

Advent Prompts

My Prompt List for Advent Challenge
  1. Mistletoe
  2. Gift-wrapped
  3. Hot Chocolate
  4. Icicles
  5. Snow Day
  6. Fireplace
  7. Candy Cane
  8. Scarfs and Mittens
  9. Silent Night
  10. Candlelight
  11. Follow the Star
  12. Christmas Wish
  13. Let it Snow
  14. Ice Skating
  15. Angel
  16. Ribbon and Bows
  17. Cold Winter’s Night
  18. Naughty or Nice
  19. Shiver
  20. Sugar Cookies
  21. Silver and Gold
  22. Snowball Fight
  23. Winter Wonderland
  24. Colorful Lights
  25. Exchanging Gifts
Well there you go! It took a surprisingly long amount of time to think this up, but if anyone wants to use them feel free! :) But it would be nice if you left me a comment if you found them inspiring, so I don't feel all my hard work was for nothing. ;)

BTW, for my Advent stories they will all be Captain Planet, but I will have different characters/pairings for each one.

Advent Challenge

So I just signed up to participate in the Advent Challenge at : adventchallenge. I realized I haven't written anything in a while. :( But I have been on more of an art kick, so at least I've been doing something I guess. But I have a lot of writing to get done, and I just signed up for more...

My Current Writing Projects

(Seriously I'm gonna go into fits of rage one day because of this site. I had written like 99% of this before it decided to randomly delete almost all of it and I had to start over. Seriously WTF LiveJournal? Why the hell are you so full of fail?)

Okay I'm signed up for some many communities, writing challenges, prompt challenges, etc that it's not even funny. So I'm making a post to clarify everything I'm supposed to be working on right now.

1. 1sentence I'm currently signed up for Zuko/Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm thinking I'm gonna go sign up for Blight/Plunder there soon. I wasn't in too much of a hurry to sign up for that one, cause it's such a small fandom that I doubted anyone else was gonna claim it before I could. But I had to be on the ball to get that Zuko/Katara claim.

Time frame: Six months from the date you make your claim, so I'm fairly confident I'll make it.

2. 100_situations Well I haven't been officially "approved" there... :( I think it's becoming a dead community... but I'm gonna work on the prompt table anyway cause I can. I'll just post my stuff to cpfanfic since I'm using it for Captain Planet fics.

Time frame: Forever I guess. I have 2 done so far, so we'll see.

3. smallfandombang I signed up for two stories for this one, cause I must be crazy. One for Hogan's Heroes and one for Captain Planet. The minimum is only 10K though, so that's not so bad.

Time frame: Fics aren't due til March 31, 2012, so I've got plenty of time...

4. 20_est_relships A prompt table to write 20 Established Relationship fics. I signed up for Blight/Plunder so I could write some sappy romantic times with them. Or at least some sexy tiems. ;)

Time frame: Ongoing. Hopefully I'll have the first story up sometime this week.

Besides these communites, I'm also part of some non-specific writing communities. writers_choice has weekly prompts and smallfandomflsh has bi-weekly prompts. There isn't any requirement or time line for posting in either of these two though, it's just as you feel inspired.

Also I want to sign up for adventchallenge when the time gets here, which is 25 fics for the 25 days leading up to Christmas.

Prompt Table for 20_est_relships

My Prompt Table for 20_est_relships

01. Celebration 02. Surprise 03. Pleasure 04. Past Times
05. Forgiveness 06. Pain 07. Understanding 08. Loss
09. Comfort 10. Hope 11. Love 12. Anniversary
13. Questions 14. Answers 15. Reflection 16. Symmetry
17. Home 18. Cherish 19. Future 20. Memories

Fandom: Captain Planet
Pairing: Looten Plunder/Barbara Blight

I'll update this table with links to completed stories once they're posted. :)

Also for any of my fellow CP fans you might wanna check this community out, wink wink.

100 Situations Prompt Table

Posting my prompt table for 100_situations. My fandom is Captain Planet and I'll update it as I finish stories. :)

Read more...Collapse )

Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

I was a sophomore in college. I had somehow woken up early that day (which I almost never did) so I decided to turn on the TV while I got ready for class. That was right as the first tower was collapsing. My first thought was that it was some kind of movie, but it seemed weird for a movie to be on that time of day. Then when I realized it was for real the first thing I did was call my mother, who was in a panic. I went to class, which happened to be a lab, and the grad student in charge smuggled in a TV and we all just sat around watching it. It was an odd day, especially since my school was only 2 hours from the Pentagon. It was pretty close to home and alot of my classmates had friends and family who worked or lived in D.C. The most poignant moment of the day for me was attending an interfaith prayer service that evening, it was a good feeling to see people of different religions coming together in peace to support each other in a time of crisis.

Nature is Trying to Kill Me

Nature is trying to kill me. It's going out of it's way on some sort of bizarre quest to make me dead. First of all my job is infested with every sort of venomous creature that is capable of existing in my area. Every species of spider known to man is infesting the place where I'm working. A few weeks ago there was a black widow spider just chilling on the dumpster when I went to take out the trash. I've seen at least a few brown recluses. One of my kitchen staff got bitten by some sort of poisonous caterpillar. Which I never knew existed until then. But it made her really sick. :( Then we got an infestation of Red Velvet Ants. I had never seen one in my life til last week. I didn't know what it was but I figured it was evil. I mean when something is red and black it's nature's way of saying "Stay the F*ck Away from This" Anyway I looked them up and they're apparently not even ants, they're stupid wasps with no wings that look like ants. WTF? Then today at my church's yard sale I got stung on the neck by a yellowjacket. Argh. Then I got to work and got attacked by a swarm of giant mutant mosquitoes. I mean those things were HUGE. One of them left a bite mark. A BITE MARK. From a MOSQUITO. WTF? I'm like pretty sure I have malaria now.

Bottom line: Screw Nature.

Writer's Block and Whatnot

So I've been under some stress lately, and it's totally clouding my ablility to write anything. I haven't even been able to work on my prompts for 1sentence and I'm like "DAMN it's only SENTENCES! WTF? ARGH!" And the sad part is, I really want to write, it's normally what helps me when I'm feeling stressed.

Also on a related note I'll probably have to drop out of het_bigbang... I'm only at 10K right now and it's not going anywhere. I don't wanna come up with some crappy story just to post something for the challenge. Fortunately though, I have signed up for the smallfandombang. That one only has a 10K limit and isn't due for a long time, so I might be able to salvage what I have so it won't end up being a total waste.

At least this post gave me a chance to use my awesomest icon. I LOVE that screencap. Plunder with a gun... innocent bystanders beware! D:

Writer's Block: The state of perception

Of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste), which would you willing to give up, and why?

Smell. Allergies have already destroyed most of my sense of smell anyway, so I wouldn't be giving up much...