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Advent Challenge Day Two

Fandom: Captain Planet
Characters: Looten Plunder, Robin Plunder
Title: Colorful Lights
Rating: PG
Summary: Looten Plunder visits his nephew for Christmas.
Word Count: 949

Looten Plunder drove through the streets of Beverly Hills, looking like one of the locals in his bright green Ferrari. He had taken some time off work to visit his nephew Robin for Christmas. Though the two of them both kept very busy and hectic schedules, they had managed to find some time to spend together this year.

There were very few people he would go out of his way to visit, but Robin was one of them. He barely had any family as it was, since he didn’t count any of his so-called “cousins” who had only developed an interest in getting to know him once he had become rich. Besides that, he actually enjoyed spending time with his nephew. Robin was fun and mischievous, with a flair for the dramatic that he had actually managed to put to good use.

He had to admire Robin for making it in Hollywood. Other than an unfortunate incident involving some stupid bats that the Planeteers had felt the need to harass him over, Robin’s fortune had been acquired through rather honest and legitimate means. Looten Plunder knew that he could hardly make such a claim for his own wealth.

He pulled into the driveway of his nephew’s mansion to find Robin atop a ladder, stringing Christmas lights across his roof. Plunder raised his eyebrow curiously as he watched his nephew decorating his house. “What are you doing?” Plunder asked.
“What does it look like I’m doing?” Robin called back.

Plunder scoffed a little and folded his arms across his chest. “Since when did you become so festive?”

“It’s a recent development,” Robin answered.

“I see,” Plunder said, wondering what was really going on. Famous movie producers did not usually engage in this sort of activity. At the very least he could have hired someone to do it for him.

“Have you seen the trailer for my new movie?” Robin asked eagerly from atop his ladder, as he continued stringing lights across his roof.

“Can’t say that I have,” Plunder answered. In fact, he had purposefully avoided watching it. Attack of the Werewolf Cult did not exactly sound like his kind of movie. In fact, most of Robin’s productions were not exactly the things he would willingly choose to watch, though he had allowed himself to be dragged to quite a few premieres over the last few years.

“Well, I’ll have to show it to you later. I think it’s gonna be my biggest hit yet,” Robin responded.

“That sounds… great,” Plunder said, though his tone was definitely lacking excitement.

Robin seemed oblivious to the lack of enthusiasm, however. “Could you toss me another strand of lights?” he called out.

Plunder picked up a strand of the multi colored bulbs and tossed them up toward Robin. “Why are you doing this, anyway? Don’t you think it’s a bit much?”

“This coming from the man dressed in a bright green, tiger fur trimmed suit,” Robin replied with a smirk. “And real fur at that.”

“Well imitation fur would be tacky,” Plunder said, in a tone that fell somewhere between serious and sarcastic.

“Indeed,” Robin said with a slight nod, as he finished attaching the last strand of lights to his roof. “Well, let’s fire this thing up,” he said as he climbed down the ladder. A moment later his house was illuminated in thousands of festive lights. It looked gaudy and ridiculous, especially for an upscale area of Beverly Hills.

“So, what do you think?” Robin asked with a grin.

“It’s… bright…” Plunder answered uncertainly, not really wanting to offend his nephew by telling him how terrible it looked.

Robin chucked. “You can be honest. It looks godawful, doesn’t it?” Robin almost sounded proud about that.

“Well now that you mention it, yes. Yes it does. So what’s the point?”

“I just did it to piss of my neighbor,” Robin said, motioning toward the mansion across the street. “He directs some sort of independent, artsy films. He’s always whining about how my movies are just mindless drivel. That I’m pandering to the masses in order to make money.”

“Well you are, aren’t you?” Plunder said.

“Obviously,” Robin said. “But that’s not the point. It’s annoying. I’m not producing movies for a hobby. It’s my job. Who cares whether or not people will be discussing my movies in film school once I’m dead? I’m rich now, that’s what matters.”

Plunder grinned and nodded. There was a reason why he enjoyed spending time with his nephew. He looked across the street and noticed a man standing in the doorway of the house, scowling at the ludicrous display of colored lights. That must have been the director Robin had been referring to.

Robin noticed his neighbor staring in disapproval and smiled wickedly. He waved and yelled “Merry Christmas!” quite loudly. The man frowned and slammed his front door shut.

Robin laughed, a sort of wicked and satisfied laugh that made him sound like a villain. Sometimes he really did live up to his name.

“You know he can only afford to live in that house cause he married some cougar.” Robin shook his head as he said it.

“Well, whatever it takes to make money, I guess,” Plunder replied. He was certainly not one to judge the lengths people would go to in order to acquire wealth.

“You can’t be serious,” Robin said tonelessly, his expression blank. “Even you have to have a limit when it comes to making money.”

They were silent for a moment before they both burst into a fit of laughter.

“Oh, Robin,” Plunder said, after taking a moment to compose himself. “You always did have a great sense of humor.”