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Prompt Table for 100_women

Well I've decided to join another prompt community because um... I have time for writing? Here's the link to the comm: 100_women

This one caught my eye because it's focused on writing fics from a female POV, so I thought that would be kinda cool. I wanted to started a 100-Situations type fic like 
ozqueen has going on, but then I wondered if it would seem too much like I was copying her. Or something... So anyway, I'm gonna do this one, and hopefully I can learn to just write one-shots and ficlets and such, and this can give me a chance to just write and not go overboard. I hope.

Anyway... I'm trying to come up with female CP characters to write about. There's only like 4 regularly occuring women: Gaia, Gi, Linka and Blight. Then in S6 we get Mame Slaughter. Other than those few, there are few one time female characters I would be interested in. Bambi Blight, Trish, Dr. Derek, Lanai (Sludge's head mechanic from "Volcano's Wrath"), Laura from "Night of the Wolf", Georgie..... Um I think that's it. And most of the fics would probably focus on the first 4, with some of the others making appearances here and there.

So if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to chime in. Also the prompt table is below the cut so if you think a certain prompt really fits a certain character or something let me know. I could use the inspiration. (And the fics don't have to ONLY have women, just be from a female POV or primarily about a female character)

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Fanfiction.net Cover Pics

Okay so apparently fanfiction.net has added a new feature where you can have a cover pic to accompany your story. That's cool, I guess, but since you can't opt out of it, if you don't upload a pic to go with your story, it defaults to whatever you standard avatar is. So that's kinda lame.

So in the spirit of wasting time when I should be doing something useful, I came up with a bunch of Captain Planet pics that people can use. It's a little awkward given the 6:9 ratio that is required, but hopefully these turned out okay. And also the quality of some of my bootleg completely legitimate videos is a little wonky, but I still got some good shots. A few might seem like repeats, but they are different versions where I tweaked the background or colors or something.

Save whatever ones you want to your hard drive so you can upload them to your fanfiction.net account. Feel free to modify them however you'd like (change colors, add text, etc.) I purposefully made a few with some blank space so that a title or something could be added.

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I'm a Glutton for Punishment...

So I've signed up for yet another big bang...


This time I will finish though. I already have around 19K written, though I still have a ways to go. This time around it's for timetraveler_bb This story is based on the Captain Planet episode "Dirty Politics" (which I abhor, btw. This story was my attempt to make a future that didn't suck for everyone...) It was something I actually started a while back, then forgot about and rediscovered the other day. Then I saw this big bang for time travel stories and I was :D "This is a good time to brush this thing off and finish it!"

So anyway, wish me luck guys!

Meme of Awesomeness

"Borrowing" this meme from mudg3t who stole it from[info]weird_fin cause it looks like fun! So, flisters, ask away! I'll keep this open for a few days. And...go!

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

Woooooo! Now come up with some good stuff for me! :D

Fanfiction Rants

Okay I feel like ranting about stuff. Just because I can. So I'm gonna rant about random fanfic stuff that pisses me off.

1. Too much foreign language in a fic. Like, okay if your story is happening in another country throw in a foreign word or two for atmosphere if you'd like but remember that your readers aren't gonna be bilingual, even if you are. Like one story I was reading for Hogan's Heroes is a good example of what not to do. I get that it is set in Germany. But in this particular fic all the action was written in English but ALL the dialogue was in German. The author included translations at the end of the chapter but it was too much to have to scroll down every other line to read the translation. Needless to say I didn't make it too far into that fic.

Also super negative points to anyone who just writes stuff in English then copy and pastes into Google translator or something. Why even bother?

2. Authors asking the readers what they want to happen/what should happen in the fic. It's not my job to tell you that, I'm the reader! If I'm reading fic it's cause I want to read someone else's writing, otherwise I'd just write my own story.

A sub-rant of this is authors who have things in their notes like "I don't really know where this is going!" Well, not to be rude, but why are you posting? I mean, I'm guilty of posting fics that aren't completed, but I at least know where I'm headed and have a general outline of what's gonna happen. When I see A/N's like that I steer clear, cause those are the types of fics that end up become the long convoluted never-ending stories that go on for 60 chapters with no real content or development... (I could think of a story like that right now, but I'm not gonna name any names... but you know what I'm talking about...)

3. Reviews that are basically telling you what to write. I've seen people leave reviews that are like "OMG you should have Character X get with Character Y and then this person finds out and then this happens and then..." It's like dude, you're supposed to give a review of what they've already written. If you have something super specific you want to see happen then write your own damn story!

Now I don't mean a general little nudge is bad, like "I really hope they get together!" but I'm talking about the people who go on and on for paragraphs about what they think should happen. Like I said, get your own damn story.

4. Pregnancy. I tend to avoid any fic where a character gets pregnant. It's just like a warning sign of "bad fic ahead!" Especially cause most of the people who write these fics seem to have no concept of how pregnancy even works. I mean, I know they teach this stuff in school but apparently kids aren't learning. Like for example, there's way too many stories where someone has sex and the next day they are all "OMG I'm pregnant naow!" No, sorry, that's NOT how it works. At best it would be AT LEAST two weeks until you would have any indication that you are pregnant. It's not something you immediately realize after getting laid. Also pregnancy is just too easy of a plot device, a convenient way to get your two characters together.

Okay that's enough ranting for now. Happy New Year everyone!

Advent Challenge Day Three

Fandom: Captain Planet
Characters: Plunder/Blight
Title: Christmas Tradition
Rating: PG
Summary: Dr. Blight doesn't really care for Christmas traditions.
Word Count: 1323

A/N: Well day three, and this is my longest "ficlet" yet... But maybe that means I'm getting my writing groove back! :D

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Advent Challenge Day Two

Fandom: Captain Planet
Characters: Looten Plunder, Robin Plunder
Title: Colorful Lights
Rating: PG
Summary: Looten Plunder visits his nephew for Christmas.
Word Count: 949

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Advent Challenge Day One

Fandom: Captain Planet
Pairing: Wheeler/Trish
Title: Snow Day
Rating: PG
Summary: Wheeler remembers his last snow day.
Word Count: 1691

A/N: Well nothing quite like making it at the last minute, made even more last-minute-ier by my computer freezing up... Also this is totally last minute so it's un-beta'ed like whoa. D: Sorry...

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My 30th Birthday Goals

So as I was driving home from work today I had this moment of revelation/panic/depression when I realized I'd be turning 30 on my next birthday. (Which is May 6) I started thinking about all sorts of things, but I ended up thinking about how much weight I've gained over the last decade. (Oh God, I can think of my life in terms of decades now... D:) Anyway, my goal is to weigh as much on my 30th birthday as I weighed on my 20th. So after doing the math that comes out to me needing to lose about 2 pounds a week between now and then. Which actually is a pretty reasonable goal when I think about it.
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Aladdin! :D Jafar is a great villain, Robin Williams is great as the Genie, the music was awesome (Who doesn't love "A Whole New World"?) the story is interesting, and Jasmine is a strong female character who doesn't just wait for her man to rescue her. I mean, heck, she was willing to make out with Jafar in order to save her man, that's... something... D: Also, Jasmine was the first non-white Disney Princess, it was nice to see them mix it up a bit, and she has that awesome sexy harem girl outfit. :D
What is your favorite Disney movie?